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RAAS Corporation provides specialized services and products related to aircraft simulation and system testing of avionic solutions.


Integration services 

RAAS offers services for the integration of Commercially-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) products like for instance: Rational DOORS and Rational Test Real Time (RTRT) from IBM, HeliSIM and FlightSIM from Presagis, MAXIM from MAX Technologies, TechSAT and more. Furthermore, RAAS provides also the possibility renting a flight simulator for demonstration purposes at marketing events for instance.  

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Consulting services 

Consulting services provided by RAAS include development of aerodynamic models for aircraft simulation, hardware and software integration of flight simulator components, development of modular testing environment for avionic systems (with support for DO-178B certification if required) and more.



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    • CARIC project progresses well see the following videos:
    • - Video 1
    • - Video 2
    • RAAS deliver two hybrid flight simulators to University ETS.
    • RAAS official partner in the CRIAQ OPR-601 Flight Trajectory Optimisation with Thales, Air Canada, Universities Polytechnique and HEC.
    • Member of Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ).
    • RAAS integrated the avionics laboratory for University of Polytechnique.
    • Development of aerodynamic models representing a Medium Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) UAV for CAE.
    • Development of an aerodynamic model representing a Boeing 767 Tanker aircraft.
    • Development of an aerodynamic model representing a F15 type aircraft with all Flight By Wires (FBW) control laws.
    • Istres in France May 28th, 2010:  The Tiger simulator has been qualified by the Centre d'Essais en Vol (CEV). 
    • Development of an aerodynamic model representing a T6A aircraft.
    • Development of an aerodynamic model representing a Tiger helicopter.  Qualification scheduled for end of April 2010.
    • Development of an aerodynamic model representing a generic Attack helicopter.
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        VENOM Virtual ENvironment Operations Module the Totla Training Solution for Unmanned Aerial Sytems